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Why to join Kirke

First, we'd love to have you :')

You meet worldwide creative friends

It's a drawing-only social! Character design, concept art, manga style, oc...

No shadowban, no reach drop, no need to post everyday

We'll protect your art!

We build partnerships and challenges to support your growth

Why now

Less competition, you start before everyone

You choose algorithms and functions

You'll get the Beta Tester key to invite your friends

You'll get exclusive benefits as we grow

Imagine being the first one to discover Instagram or TikTok.
Well, it's happening now.


Places are limited!

Kirke's roadmap

Features grow with you!

100.000 BETAsEarly access for visionary people
  • You can share your art: character design, concept art...
  • You can follow, leave and receive likes
Mission: to prove that artists and fans exist and need a supportive space just for them
200.000 USERSStarting the hero journey, together
  • We add a contest section with real prizes
  • We add stories
  • We add collaborative posts
  • You can comment
Mission: to give you more channels to meet new people!
400.000 USERSGetting powerful
  • You can buy and sell art commissions safely
  • You can open a shop for your original artworks
  • We add chats
  • We start advertising to bring you new fans
  • We reduce external advertising
Mission: to start rewarding you for your skills and hard job
600.000 USERSWe are something
  • You can receive donations to reveal secret posts
  • We add a reels space for amv and art videos
  • We add an art tools section full of partnership
  • Artists start to collaborate with brands
  • Artists can receive commissions for commercial use
Mission: to find together the best way to help people to discover your art
1 MLN USERSThings turning interesting
  • Partnership with streaming platform: if your art bring new public to the original show, you get Pay-per-click
  • We sponsor selected artists to travel to comic fairs
  • Contests prizes getting cooler and cooler
  • Organizing the first art exhibition
  • Heavy advertising intestments to bring you all the fans of the world!
Mission: to make some noise and reach even people outside our community
2 MLN USERSStart of the golden age
  • We add matches to meet new collaborators
  • We start projects with big brands
  • We organize the first Kirkecom
Mission: to translate online success in real life opportunities